We offer pick up and driver around services in a luxury sedan vehicle with experienced security driver. With us you will feel very safe because you will know you are being driven around by professional drivers that have years of experience as security drivers.

Our car pick up services is done in one of our luxury sedans. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and have satellite tracking which is done by our central office through our GPS trackers.

You can use our car pick-up and drive services for whatever reason whether you need a secure and luxury pick from the airport or drop off the airport, drive to the movies, premiers or theaters. You can use this services as well to have your children driven to or picked up from school.

If you are considering going out partying or a night out or function and you know you would like to enjoy a couple of drinks, you know you cannot drive, have it safe and relaxed by us driving you to the function or party and picking you up. This as well will take the stress out of you looking for parking and walking long distance to the parked spot and paying high parking fees.


Our pick- up and drive services can be used for longer periods as well for example for a whole day or a couple of days it is entirely up to you. If you are coming form overseas and need to be driven around London for a couple of days let that to us and concentrate on your meetings or relaxing in London. Our drivers will be at your disposal for 12 hour shifts or 24 depending on your activities.

To book a pick-up and drive service with one of our luxury cars Contact us