Some sites and properties will have some kind of security measure such as a CCTV system in place. In most cases having a monitoring and recording equipment such as CCTV while it is good for identification purposes it is no good at deteriorating an attack on the premises as it happens. Most sites equipped with CCTV would require an operative to man the equipment and monitor it. Some premises would require only a 12 hours shift and some a 24 hour.

E&D Security Services is able to supply well qualified and experienced CCTV trained security guards. All our CCTV personnel has been thoroughly trained and are able to operate a wide variety of CCTV equipment.

For each individual site we will carry out a free security assessment report and based on that we will identify the tasks required for that site. Which will then be presented to the clients and discussed.

Some of the more common duties identified and performed by our CCTV operatives are:

CCTV constant monitoring
Attending to security alerts from CCTV
Backing up CCTV recording
Changing full recording media
Periodical checks on CCTV equipment
Monitoring and patrolling
Barrier Operation
Checking Identification
Locking and unlocking of buildings/premises
Providing a Keyholder service
Issuing Passes
Recording Visitor Details


We can supply CCTV guards for 24 hours a day or for shorter period depending on your requirements.

The security guards can be uniformed or plain clothed for any applicable situation in and around the London region.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to conduct a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT ON YOUR PREMISES.