Almost all events require some form of security. Events are the most vulnerable from security point of view. You have a large number of people in one place for a short period of time. The event security becomes one of the crucial aspects of the organisation. With E&D Security Services the event security can easily be organised without any hassle leaving you with more time to plan the other bits of the event. E&D Security Services can supply as many Security Guards for your event as you require. All the security guards that we supply have previous event security experience and are fully SIA licensed. E&D Security Services provides first class event security and for each six security guards at the event we send one supervisor. Regardless of the number of Security guards present at the event there will be at least one supervisor.

We truly simplify the security organisation of your event, we will visit the venue and assess the different assignments that need to be addressed. After which we will compile a report and make suggestions how the security should be organised. We will then present that to you and discuss the organisation of the security.

E&D Security Services is able to organise security for exhibitions, seminars, workshops, dinner evening, presentation, cocktail party, gall evenings, premiers, celebrity appearance event, shows, races and other event formats.

Some of the more common duties identified and performed by our Event security guards are:

Crowd control
Monitoring and patrolling
Issuing Passes
Recording Visitor Details
Patrolling the specific routes
Attending to security alerts
Periodical checks on fire exit doors
Periodical checks on equipment
Barrier Operation
Checking Identification
Locking and unlocking of buildings/premises
Providing a Keyholder service


Please note that each event is different and for each event specific duties will be identified that will be applicable for that particular event optimizing the security service provided for the event.

The number of guards supplied will be agreed beforehand from the requirements of the event.

The security guards can be uniformed or plain clothed for any event in and around the London area.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to conduct a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT FOR YOUR EVENT.