E&D Security Services provides a key holding services. We hold a copy of the key of the premises that are being monitored by an alarm system. In the event of alarm trigger one of our mobile patrols will be dispatched with a key to investigate the alarm triggering. In this way you avoid risk to your employs or yourself visiting the property or site while there might be a break in by dangerous criminals. Managers and employees that hold keys will no longer be called in the middle of the night to respond to alarm triggering leaving them tired for the next day.

We are fully insured to hold customers keys. Once we dispatch our mobile patrol we can guarantee it will be at the site faster than anyone else holding keys. Upon arrival the mobile patrols will reset the alarm after they have investigated the alarm triggering if there was a break in the relevant authorities will be notified. After inspection the alarm will be turned back on and the property will be locked.

This service really takes the strength and the danger of the key holders. Contact us now to make your life easier and safe.