E&D Security Services is able to supply reception security officers either for office buildings or for residential apartment building. Our reception security officers have good telephone handling skills on top of their security qualification and experience. They are able to provide both security service and receptionist service. Depending on your requirements they can be SIA licensed or not.

Reception Security is slightly different then traditional security since it demands from the security guard to have good costumer skills because he/she is the first point of contact of anyone visiting the building. Most security reception is straight forward and no assessment report would be needed however, most emphasis has to be placed on supplying properly qualified and experienced receptionist. All our reception security staff are able to operate CCTV equipment.

Usually we will together identify the task necessary to be performed by the reception security however most common duties would involve:

Issuing Passes
Recording Visitor Details
Checking Identification
Patrolling the specific routes
Attending to security alerts
Periodical checks on fire exit doors
Periodical checks on equipment
Barrier Operation
Locking and unlocking of buildings/premises
Providing a Keyholder service
Monitoring and patrolling


The number of guards supplied will be agreed beforehand from the requirements of the premises. The Receptions can either be uniformed or adhere to specific dress code.

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