Every single shop in some point in time had endured losses due to shop lifting. Larger shops have identified that it is more feasible to invest into good security since in the long run it saves more from the reduced shoplifting. Should you require just one security officer for the shop or more than one, E&D Security Services can supply well trained and qualified, SIA licensed security guards for the retail. Retail security is quite different than most other security services and it is quite demanding for details. Security officers need to be very professionally at the same time have to be with good customer skills because they would be dealing with customers on daily bases. We at E&D Security Services fully understand the requirements needed and that is exactly what we deliver through our security staff. All our security guards for the retail industry are able to operate CCTV equipment.

If you have existing security assessment and procedure in your store for the retail security we will supply you a security guard who can easily be integrated in your system. Otherwise we have the possibility to asses you store and draw up a security report and procedures for the security guards to follow. The supplied by us security officers can be either uniformed or plain clothed depending on your requirements however, we suggest that they are uniformed.

E&D Security Services will carry out periodical checks on the store and the security guard's performance. As well periodical assessments will be conducted to improve the service and the security of the shop.

Some of the more common duties identified and performed by our Event security guards are:

Patrolling and monitoring
CCTV monitoring
Bag search
Detention of shoplifters

Locking and unlocking of buildings/premises
Providing a Keyholder service

Please note that each store is different and for each store specific duties will be identified that will be applicable for that particular store optimising the security service provided for the store.


The number of guards supplied will be agreed beforehand from the requirements of the event.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to conduct a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT FOR YOUR STORE.