To be bale to provided effective security for a site or building the security vulnerabilities must be identified thoroughly and the relevant assignments must be drawn for that particular site. Without effective assignments the security guards are as good as nothing. E&D Security Services specializes in providing outstanding security assessment reports that are done by some of the best security professionals in the field. We do guarantee our security assessment reports that is how confident we are about how much we understand security.

Security assessment report is a thorough analysis on the premises to be guarded. It identifies entry and exit point location of these points and their vulnerability to breaking and entering trough them. The report identifies the level of security required to securing the site. Based on these finding in the report is also included proposed assignments for each guard, his patrol routes and what should be the important periodical checks on site.

The Security assessment report is very valuable because from it easily establish the number of security guards required, the shift patters such as 12 hour security or 24 hour security, and the specific assignments for each security guard as well as the level of security required for the site. The security assessment report also identifies the type of licence's the security guard would require for that particular site or property.

E&D Security Services does a security assessment report for each site before a contract is started with a client for all the security services we provide free of charge. These security report is for in-house use however, should you require a copy a small fee will be charged to adopt it for client easy readability.


Should you require just a security assessment report for whatever reason gives a call and E&D Security Services will be able to visit your site or property and provide you with a thorough security report. The report will be able to tell you how secure or vulnerable your site or property is, what are the strong and most importantly the week points of your site or property and what you need to do to archive the desired level of security.