Our Services

E&D Security Services with its long term experience is able to provide a full range of security services. We specialise in the provision of Security Guards in a variety of fields to work in. Our security services are optimised  with the client in mind and uphold the highest standard. We are your one stop solution to your security problems with the vast security services we provide.

Manned Guarding
This is the most common and standard services. Manned guarding is mainly applicable when a physical presences is required at a property, site, office building, warehouse and etc. Our guards will be SIA licensed as Security Guards and will have the relevant experience in site guarding and training. Manned guarding is applicable in many different fields and different sites. It involves some of the following activities: Controlling Entry and Exit points, Patrolling all specified assignments at regular intervals, Monitoring on-site security systems, Locking and unlocking of buildings/premises, Providing a Keyholder service, Issuing Passes, Recording Visitor Details, Searching Vehicles, Monitoring and patrolling, Barrier Operation, Checking Identification.

CCTV Monitoring
Some sites and properties will have some kind of security measure such as a CCTV system in place. In most cases having a monitoring and recording equipment such as CCTV while it is good for identification purposes it is no good at deteriorating an attack on the premises as it happens. Most sites equipped with CCTV would require an operative to man the equipment and monitor it. Some premises would require only a 12 hours shift and some a 24 hour. E&D Security Services is able to supply well qualified and experienced CCTV trained security guards. All our CCTV personnel has been thoroughly trained and are able to operate a wide variety of CCTV equipment. CCTV monitoring guards will have SIA licence - Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)

Event Security
Almost all events require some form of security. Events are the most vulnerable from security point of view. You have a large number of people in one place for a short period of time. The event security becomes one of the crucial aspects of the organisation. With E&D Security Services the event security can easily be organised without any hassle leaving you with more time to plan the other bits of the event. E&D Security Services can supply as many Security Guards for your event as you require. All the security guards that we supply have previous event security experience and are fully SIA licensed.

Retail Security
Every single shop in some point in time had endured losses due to shop lifting. Larger shops have identified that it is more feasible to invest into good security since in the long run it saves more from the reduced shoplifting. Should you require just one security officer for the shop or more than one, E&D Security Services can supply well trained and qualified, SIA licensed security guards for the retail. Retail security is quite different than most other security services and it is quite demanding for details. Security officers need to be very professionally at the same time have to be with good customer skills because they would be dealing with customers on daily bases.

Reception Security
E&D Security Services is able to supply reception security officers either for office buildings or for residential apartment building. Our reception security officers have good telephone handling skills on top of their security qualification and experience. They are able to provide both security service and receptionist service. Depending on your requirements they can be SIA licensed or not.

Door Supervisor
E&D Security Services is able to supply doormen security for venues such as pubs and night clubs. All our doorman are SIA licensed and experienced in their field of work. If you are opening a new venue E&D Security Services will be able to organise your security and supply the doorman needed for the job. If you are an established venue but wish to someone to handle your security we can do the job or if you need just a replacement doorman gives a call.

Building Security
Large construction sites require manned security guards for a number of reasons, due to insurance requirements, due to the fact that it is a valuable site, plenty of contractors visiting the site and that needs to be controlled, a lot of materials and tools are present on construction site and etc. What ever the reason for your security needs on the building site E&D Security Services has specialised in the security for building sites and whit its vast experience will be able to cover the security with very little trouble from the clients point of view. All our building security guards are SIA licence and some have CSCS cards.

Security Assessment
Security assessment report is a thorough analysis on the premises to be guarded. It identifies entry and exit point location of these points and their vulnerability to breaking and entering trough them. The report identifies the level of security required to securing the site. Based on these finding in the report is also included proposed assignments for each guard, his patrol routes and what should be the important periodical checks on site. The Security assessment report is very valuable because from it easily establish the number of security guards required, the shift patters such as 12 hour security or 24 hour security, and the specific assignments for each security guard as well as the level of security required for the site. The security assessment report also identifies the type of licence's the security guard would require for that particular site or property.

Mobile Patrols
E&D Security Services offers a mobile patrols services to meet your needs of mobile security visiting any location in and around London area at set frequency rate or as requested and agreed. We are able to visit your property or site to an agreed schedule or we can visit it randomly. Mobile patrols would involve checking the property entry and exit points whether they are properly locked, checking whether security systems are operating fine and checking for break ins.

Key Holding Service
E&D Security Services provides a key holding services. We hold a copy of the key of the premises that are being monitored by an alarm system. In the event of alarm trigger one of our mobile patrols will be dispatched with a key to investigate the alarm triggering. In this way you avoid risk to your employs or yourself visiting the property or site while there might be a break in by dangerous criminals.

Subcontractor Services
We are able to work as a subcontracted security company for other companies. If you are a security company and you are not able to cover areas that we cover or provide services that we do we are always able to be subcontracted to work for you, or if you have too much work and cannot cover it we will be able to help by subcontracting us.

Driver supply
What the services offer is that if you visit a function or on a night out you decided to drink you know that you cannot drink and drive this is where we come in handy by sending you a driver to get you and you car home safe. It is best to pre-book the services for when you know you will need a driver however we will answer on the spot calls and the best about this services is you can book it 24 hours a day and you know that we will send you within 45 minutes* a driver and be at your party to take you and your car home.

Car pick up services
We offer car pick up services in a luxury sedan vehicle with experienced security driver. With us you will feel very safe because you will know you are being driven around by professional drivers that have years of experience as security drivers. You can use our car pick-up and drive services for whatever reason whether you need a secure and luxury pick from the airport or drop off the airport, drive to the movies, premiers or theaters. You can use this services as well to have your children driven to or picked up from school.